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Food security

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Ngoloosi SHG_Vegetable Garden_September 2012.

A vegetable farm in Ngoloosi self-help group.


Kakai self-help group demo-farm.

Seed Bank.

Star ya Thange self help group - Seed bank.

S.H.G Isunguluni Mutomo_ Seed Distribution_ 01.10.2014 34

Drought Tolerant Seed distribution at Isunguluni self help group.

S.H.G Kee_Group vegetable farm_13.2.2015  (21)

Drought Tolerant crops mature for harvest.

S.H.G Waimu; 07.05.2014.

Drought tolerant crops surviving despite harsh weather conditions.

S.H.G Woni wa Mutyanthii_seed distribution_7.10.2014  20

Drought tolerant seeds procured from a recognized research institution in Kenya.

S.H.G Waimu; 07.05.2014.

It is all green just around the dam.

S.H.G Waimu; 07.05.2014.

Terracing slows run off after rains hence soil conservation.

S.H.G Waimu; 07.05.2014.

Terracing of farm as a way to retain moisture content.

Composit manure.

Farmers preparing compost manure.

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