Water security

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S.H.G New Soweto_14.025DLO_Shallow Well_01.12.2014.

Communities with sand dams have access to clean water within a 30 minutes walk from their homes.

Kanyenyoni Primary_Water tank_2015_005

With School Water tanks, water is close to pupils hence help them have more time to concentrate in studies and play.

SHG Malaika Rock Catchment.

Rock catchments are used as Water harvesting structures.

Shallow wells.

Protected Shallow wells are dependable sources of clean drinking water.

Rock catchment.

A Rock Catchment.

Miangeni Sec School Water Tank 03.03.2015.

A school water tank as roof catchment

Livestock taking water.

Livestock quenching thirst from a sand dam; very impressive!!


Water from a Sand dam supporting irrigation of crops and vegetables.

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We have seen that with water available we can accomplish much, especially in horticulture. Apart from fetching water we can use the water for growing vegetables which are a source of income.

Peter Mwanza, Munyuni self-help group

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