Kakai Sand Dam SHG Demo farm(  they have grown kales and tomatoes) 1

Growing of green vegetables.

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Enterprise Dvt @ Malaika Self help group.

Egg plants are a good source of income for Malaika self help group members.

Munyuni_ Goat Project_ 11.08.2014.

Goat Project at Munyuni self help group.

Nelson Kyalo - Wendo Wa Tungu - Fruit trees.

Fruit trees act as source of income for the members of our groups.

S.H.G Kaluli_ Individual Members' Farms_ 28.04.2015  099

Avocado, banana and pawpaw trees from a beneficiary's farm in Salama region.

Fruit trees.

Banana trees at the edge of a sand dam, only because of water stored beneath the sand.

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