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Food Security

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Pearl millet.

Drought tolerant crops doing well in Makueni County, South Eastern Kenya.

Mangoe tree 002

Mangoe fruits are as a source of vitamins and have high demand in the market.

Kumina Wauni S.H.G; Fishing in Progress; 13.05.2014.

Fishing is a business among the Kumina Wauni self help group members.

Benard Muoka Pawpaw tree.

Pawpaw fruits for domestic consumption.

S.H.G Kyalimba;Group Farm

Tomatoes farm at Kyalimba self help group.

S.H.G Kyalimba;Group Farm

Cabbages only grow in the highlands. This is a cabbage farm in South Eastern Kenya, an arid area but sand dams have made it possible.


Such nutritious vegetables growing in an arid area as a result of water from a sand dam.

Pawpaw tree.

Pawpaw tree fruiting and benefiting our farmers in Makueni County.

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"With the construction of the sand dams by our community, my life and that of my family has changed positively. We have planted trees using water from the dams", Elizabeth Ndunge of Wasya wa Athi self help group.